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Paternity DNA Testing

Starting at only $139 Order Your Test

Infidelity Testing

Starting at $299 Discover the Truth

Fast Results

Results in 2-3 business days. Faster turnaround times means a shorter wait for your DNA test results. The less time you wait, the less you stress and the faster you can move on.

Accurate Results

Accurate results mean finding closure with total peace of mind. Testing laboratories are ISO17025 certified and AABB accredited, which is the gold standard in DNA testing.

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Privacy Gauranteed

PTL ensures the strictest client confidentiality and privacy. We do not share your data. Period. We know what confidentiality is, and what it means to you.

Paternity and Relationship DNA Testing in the United States

Do you need a DNA test? What test do you need? Can you do a paternity test without the father?

We can help with these all questions.  Our lab is an experienced DNA testing provider offering parentage and family relationship DNA tests. Our complete portfolio of DNA tests means we can help to provide answers to any of your relationship questions.

A fully accredited 23 genetic marker DNA paternity test - for one alleged father and child - is priced at only $139. Our 99.99% accurate results mean you need not look elsewhere to get the detailed and trustworthy answers you need. 

Order your test, collect and return your samples, and receive your results. With the fastest turn around time in the industry we ensure that your test results are ready and sent to you within only 2-3 working days.

How It All Works

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Infidelity DNA Testing

Find a suspicious item or stain? Has your partner been spending more time outside the home?

We can help provide reliable and confidential infidelity testing services to help you uncover the truth and give you peace of mind. Our team of experts uses advanced scientific techniques to detect the presence of semen, DNA, and other evidence of infidelity in various samples.

Whether you are suspicious of a cheating partner or simply want to ensure your own fidelity, our services can provide you with accurate and actionable results. Contact us today to learn more about our infidelity testing services and how we can help you.

How Infidelity DNA Testing Works

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Testing as Short as 5 Business Days

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What Our Latest Clients Say

Amazing service! Extremely easy to follow instructions and I received my Sibling test results earlier than the expected time.

Maryland, 2020

Prompt delivery and good turn around of results.

Texas, Sept 2023

The results came faster than I expected. Thank you!

Illinois, April 2023

Quick and easy to use.  Ordered and was at my door within the week.

Maryland, Dec 2022

Accurate.  The home paternity test had the same results as more expensive legal testing we had done elsewhere.

Florida, June 2022

So much cheaper than what I was expecting to spend.  Happy with the results. 

California, April 2019

Did the test at home. Didn't even have to leave the house.

Texas, Jan 2019

Thank you ...This is a load off my mind

Florida, 2020

Thank you for confirming what I knew deep in my heart!

- California, 2021