About Us - Paternity Testing Lab

The Laboratory That Handles Your DNA Tests

At Paternity Testing Lab (PTL) our test results are accredited beyond the required federal United States and even international accreditation possible. As such you can rest assured of the quality of your results. The requirements for these certifications mean the state of the art laboratory must employ qualified staff and laboratory technicians and moreover, work with commitment and professionalism. Everything we do is in place to ensure our clients get the most accurate results possible and the peace of mind they are looking for.

The Many DNA Tests We Offer

Over the years our portfolio of DNA tests has grown to include just about any test to suit the ever growing demand for genetic testing. Our Paternity DNA tests will provide you with an exclusion rate of 0% (NOT the father) and an inclusion rate of 99.99% (IS the Father). You may wish to opt for an Sibling DNA test or an Aunt and Uncle DNA Test and see if you have additional family members. All of our testing kits are simple and easy to use at home!

Customer Care: There to Help You

Our virtual online customer care team has been trained to deal with the sensitive issues involved in DNA testing; we understand taking a DNA test can cause stress and tension. Our team has a sound knowledge of the different types of tests we offer and will be able to advise you on the right test for you. They will explain all the necessary steps for you to do the test, offer you technical support and be willing to answer all you questions.

If you want to discuss your DNA testing requirements, contact us today for more information.